Fire Safety – POLICY 003-2003

It is the policy of Summit Housing Development Corporation to provide rental housing that is safe and well maintained. All properties shall meet local building requirements for residential properties. All homes shall have fire safety features comparable to well maintained similar residential properties.

    1. All properties shall be inspected by an independent qualified housing inspection company prior to purchase. The inspection shall include a review of the following to detect problems that could present a danger to the tenants:
      1. Inspect HVAC system and hot water tank including proper venting.
      2. Inspect electrical system including improperly grounded outlets, appropriate system ground, improperly sized fuses, and loose or improperly installed wiring.
    2. The HVAC system shall be inspected and cleaned by an independent contractor once a year. The flues of the HVAC system and hot water tank shall be checked for proper venting including a sample of carbon monoxide emissions.
    3. On at least an annual basis, all egress doors shall be inspected by SHDC for proper operation and repaired as needed.
    4. All exit doors shall have locking devices, which permit egress without the use of a key. Double cylinder dead bolt locks and keyed chain locks will not be installed.
    5. All dryer vents shall be visually inspected annually and any significant accumulation of lint shall be removed.
    1. All properties shall have an interconnected smoke detection system with battery backup, which notifies the occupants of the presence of fire. Audible or visual alarms as requested by the County DD Board shall be provided in all properties.
    2. Smoke detectors will be located in all hall areas giving access to rooms used for sleeping or as directed by local fire authority.
    3. There shall be a minimum of one smoke detector on each floor and each bedroom of the building connected to a central control panel. A detector, if activated, shall also sound an alarm at all other smoke detectors in the home.
    4. Portable fire extinguishers shall be installed in the kitchen and basement of all homes/units.
    5. The alarm system and fire extinguishers will be inspected by a contracted Fire & Security company on a yearly basis.
    6. Sprinkler systems, where installed, will be visually inspected by a contracted Fire & Security company on a yearly basis . All other inspections shall be done in accordance with standards by the National Fire Protection Association.
    7. SHDC shall provide training in the operation of the alarm and, as applicable, fire suppression system to the provider that provides support to tenants. It is the responsibility of the provider to give ongoing training to newly assigned staff.
    1. SHDC will provide additional fire safety features as specifically requested by the Summit County DD Board including, but not limited to, sprinkler systems or visual alarms.
    2. SHDC will install carbon monoxide detectors in all homes owned by the organization. These detectors shall be maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
    1. SHDC shall provide a copy of this policy to the agencies that provide supportive services. It is the responsibility of the tenants to work with their support staff to address fire safety and evacuation issues.
  5. FIRE REPORT In the event staff become aware of a fire in a property under our control, staff shall treat this as a priority I maintenance problem necessitating an immediate response. The Construction and Property Supervisor shall complete a report, including, but not limited to the following:
    • Date and time of the fire;
    • Cause;
    • Duration;
    • Direct and indirect impact of fire and smoke on the property;
    • The response of the local fire department (including a report of the fire department if available);
    • The result of a test of the fire alarm system immediately upon notification of the fire, and any recommendations to prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future.

    This report shall be forwarded to the SHDC Director no later than one week following report of the fire.