Damages beyond normal wear caused by tenants, guests, invitees, and other such people at property owned by Summit Housing Development Corporation (SHDC) will be repaired at the direction of SHDC. All costs for repairs will be the responsibility of the lessee(s) at the property where such tenant-caused damage has occurred unless alternative arrangements are agreed upon.

  • Summit Housing Development Corporation (SHDC) will make arrangements for repairs of property damages caused by tenants, guests of tenants, or other invited persons.
  • Contractors who provide services to repair such damages will be paid by SHDC.
  • SHDC will present invoice(s) to the lessee(s), or other agreed-upon party, of the damaged property for reimbursement of the costs to repair damages caused by tenants plus a 20% administrative fee.
  • Lessee(s) will be given 30 days to reimburse SHDC for costs to repair damaged property; or regular payments may be made in installments at least once every 30 days until paid in full if mutually agreed upon by all parties.
  • Any payments received from service providers for repairs reimbursement will be applied first to outstanding maintenance charges and then to rent.
  • Tenants’ have the right to appeal costs and liability for property damages.